RASA Forms – General

Articles of Association – Dutch

These are the official articles (statutes) of the association (in Dutch).

Articles of Association – English

These are the official articles (statutes) of the association (in English).

Policy Manual

This document contains all of RASA’s procedures and regulations.

Partnership Agreement

This document states the details regarding the partnership agreement between RASA and the Common House Elliott Foundation.

RASA Scenario Template

This is the scenario template for RASA events.

RASA Society Board Book Template

This is the RASA template for society board books.


This is the official RASA logo.

RASA Logo – Black and White

This is the RASA logo in black and white.


The Spring 2018 RASA Budget.

RASA Forms – Committees

Society Handbook

This handbook explains what a committee needs to do and includes a lot of tips on how to do those things easily.

Budget Proposal

At the start of every semester every committee has to fill in this form in order to receive any funding.

Society Establishment Guidelines

Please look at these guidelines when thinking about starting a society.

Reimbursement Form

Fill out this form together with the treasurer of your committee and hand it to the RASA treasurer for refunds.

Society Handbook (Old)

The old version of the society handbook, as used before Fall 2017. Only to be used for comparison with the new version.

HAC Documents

Policy Manual

The HAC policy manual contains all the rules and regulations regarding the HAC and the HAC IB.

HAC Reimbursement Form

This form can be used by floor and house elders to get reimbursed.

Event Guidelines and Application Form

Sublet Application Form

Moving Request Form

UCR Forms

UCR Forms

For all academic and UCR-related forms, please visit the UCR Website. The most up-to-date versions of every form can always be found there.

Student Handbook ’16 – ’17

It is the responsibility of the student to stay informed about UCR rules and regulations. All of this necessary information can be found in this year’s edition of the Student Handbook, so make sure to give it a read!

Academic Documents

Defining Your Academic Program at UCR

The Powerpoint presentation of the Director of Education and Senior Tutor given at this year’s Convocation Day. Do you have any difficulty planning your UCR career? Then you might want to check out this helpful guide to choosing your courses.

Graduation Requirement flowchart

In order to graduate, students need to meet a certain number of requirements. The Academic Affairs Council made a clear overview of these requirements in the form of a flowchart. Check it out here!

Exchange Guide ’17 – ’18

Are you planning to go on exchange for a semester? Then make sure to give this document a read: it contains information on the deadlines for the exchange paperwork as well as a lot of interesting student experiences.

Language Document

In the past, many students have had questions about the language requirement and many incorrect rumors found their way around the student body. With this document, we hope to make the rules clear for everyone.

Off-Campus Guide ’16 – ’17

In this guide, the AAC aims to provide general information about off-campus courses. It has an extensive section on finances, obtaining UCR credits and student experiences. For clarity, we have divided the guide into a ‘Summer school’, ‘Winter school’, and ‘Open online education’ part, so you can directly go to the section you are looking for!

Internship Guide ’16-’17

Our summer break is intentionally as long as it is – take advantage of that opportunity and try to find an internship. They come in many shapes and sizes, so there is something out there for everyone. And this guide is here to help you find just the right one.

Master Guide ’16 – ’17

One of the most goals of your UCR career is to adequately prepare you for a postgraduate program. But how do you go about finding one? In this guide, you will find helpful tips for applying to postgraduate programs as well as the advice of students and faculty regarding Master programs in all of UCR’s disciplines.

PiCarta Guide

Do you need to order a book through PiCarta, but you don’t know how? Check out this guide!

Complaint Procedure

Thinking about filing a complaint? Check out this document to see which steps you need to take!


This file contains some of the the most-frequently-used-but-annoyingly-vague UCR terms and concepts with a brief explanation and links to other relevant documents.