General Questions

Who do I contact for which issue?

Always try to ask your fellow students first (on Facebook, for example); they just might know what to do. Otherwise, for most course-related issues, ask your instructor. For other academic issues, check the Student Handbook (!), ask your tutor, or contact the AAC. For issues regarding housing, contact the HAC or Villex.

What is the RASA Discount Card?

The RASA Discount Card is your Golden Ticket to a lot of RASA Goodness. It will be delivered to your home at the start of each semester, or pick one up at the RASA Office. It can be used at various shops throughout Middelburg, as listed on the UCR Custom Map, or on the RASA Discount Card Sheet.

How do I use Wi-Fi in school?

The best option is the eduroam network. By following the instructions and installing the software found on this website (remember that your Solis ID is your Student Number), you can automatically connect to Wi-Fi at many universities, all over the world. Go ahead, try it out!

Who made this site, how can I thank them?

That would be the amazing people of the RASA IT Team! And no need to thank them, these people are like machines; they were born to code. You can make them happy just by reading this, and reporting bugs if you find them.

For International Students

International students should first check out the Red Cross Buddy Project Brochure which contains a lot of useful information for new (international) students. Though it is intended for international students, some of the information could be useful for Dutch students as well.

How does one open a Dutch bank account?

It is most likely that you have your own bank account in your home country. Non-EU students should know that you need a PIN card (debit card), instead of a credit card, to properly get around in the Netherlands. For this you need a Dutch bank account.

How can I get a Dutch phone number?

You are able to acquire a Dutch phone number through prepaid, a SIM-only contract, a contract with phone or a contract with a lease phone. Every option has its own advantages, disadvantages and requirements.

How do we arrange public transportation?

Although many students might beg different, the Dutch train system is straight forward and simple. There are some important details you should take into account though!

Are there other forms of transportation?

Next to public transporation by the NS, you are able to get your own car. To own a car in the Netherlands you need, next to your health insurance, another type of insurance.

What do I need to know regarding health?

Health insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands. Next to that there are a few things, telephone numbers and people you need to know to make sure that you know what to do in case of emergency.

What is the best place to buy a bike?

You can either buy a bike at a bike store (more expensive, but with guarantee if it breaks) or from another student (cheaper but no guarantee). The bike store mentioned in the RASA discount card is Profile. You can visit the RA Furniture Bazaar for second hand bikes.


Where can I find my timetable?

Go to Workspaces, log in, and click on ‘My schedule’ in the sidebar for your current schedule. In your first semester, your schedule and the courses you’ll be taking will be given to you during the IntRoweek. If the timetables for next semester have already been announced, you can also use the Course Clash Checker to check what your schedule for next semester will be.

Where can I buy my books?

During the IntRoweek in your first semester, you’ll hear which courses you’ll be taking. You can then find the book list and order books via De Drvkkery website, or in their store on the Market Square. Many students sell their books in the RA Book Bazaar once they’re done with them, so try posting which books you need there for cheaper, second-hand books!

How does the printer system work?

UCR uses an automated digital printing system. In order to print something you can press ctrl + p when using UCR computers or upload your document to // You only have to swipe your white card in front of the scanner and have enough credit to print! You can charge your white card by chipknip in Eleanor.

What’s up with the library card?

You will receive a free library card in the IntRoweek. You can use this library card for the three years you study at UCR. All information you need to properly use the library card will be given to you after receival. The library staff is always willing to help you.

What about the language tests?

In your IntRoweek you will do a test which will determine whether you will placed in the 100-level or 200-level English class. In other language tracks you first need to do the lowest level before you can advance to higher level courses or you need to do a language test to enter a specific level. Ask your tutor for more information.

Are there tests for other subjects, like math?

Short answer: No. However, many courses require you to take other courses as a prerequisite. You can find out which other courses are required for each course by going to the UCR Website, going to the page of that specific course, and looking at “Prerequisites”. You can also ask your tutor for more information.


Could you explain the campus locations?

There are four main campus locations, and several smaller ones, as can be seen on the UCR Custom Map. As Middelburg is not a large city, one can walk or bike to class from any campus location, in just a few minutes. A general overview of the main locations (except for Bachtensteene) can also be found on the UCR Website.

Where can I get cheap furniture?

Many students buy and sell furniture in the RA Furniture Bazaar, or simply leave stuff behind outside their houses or in the Roggeveenhof main hall. You can also keep an eye on “Ik geef weg – Walcheren”, a (Dutch) Facebook group where people from in and around Middelburg give away stuff for free; you only need to pick it up!



How do I buy the RASA pizza?

Call Domino’s (0118 673 040) and tell them “I’d like to order a RASA pizza”. It’s that simple! The RASA pizza consists of chicken, pesto, fresh tomatoes and chili flakes. Enjoy!

We love pizza, and so do the students of University College Roosevelt!
— Domino’s Middelburg, 2017

Note: some information on this page could be outdated. RASA is currently working on updating it.