Projector BenQ Prestine – A projector that you can use for your events. Bring your own laptop!

Canon Camera EOS 550D – No description available.

Light reflector EXPRO RF-152 – Composed of two parts + bag

Studio light EXPRO Continuous Dual Lighting Kit – HANDLE WITH CARE! 2 light bulbs, 2 brackets, 2 stands, 2 umbrellas, 1 bag (requires transformer British to Euro plug)

Microphone Rode 21/22 – Requires cable NC*MX cable and compatible device to be operated (wind sleeve and cable in separate black case)

Sony Dvcam DSR-PD170P (big) – With equipment and bag

Red Carpet – A red carpet. Always a success at parties.

Libec Tripod (large) – Pan handle missing. A nice large tripod for filming purposes.

RASA Flag – The Roosevelt’s All Student Association flag made out of cloth. Quite large!

Manfrotto Tripod (small) – A nice smaller tripod for general filming/photography purposes.

Panasonic 4K camera – The Camera bought in 2015 by both RASA and UCR to forward our filming endeavours.

Sony Beamer – The older beamer

Canon 50mm lens – Check whether it is still in good condition: check the cap on the front and the back!

Zoom Audio Recorder + accessories – Don’t lose anything: – Recorder + bag – tripod – plastic handle – round black demper – “I’m worth it” bag

Chess set – To play chess!

Logitech R400 Presentation Remote – Can be used to control Powerpoints and has a laser pointer.

Clapper Board – Claps

Pompoms – 32 pompoms that you can borrow. Please specify how many you want to take.

Speed Light 4standard hotshoe – A hot shoe is a mounting point on the top of a camera to attach a flash unit and other compatible accessories.

Laptop stand – A laptop stand for a variation of laptops.

ILunar Speaker – Speakers to listen to sounds with (◕‿◕)

Camera Slider – The slider that you can put a camera on to slide it. to be found in the office.