Hello there, and warm welcome from the RASA Board 2017-2018. Now you might wonder, who are these people and what do they do. Well we are the board of Roosevelt’s All Student Association, as elected by the students for the year of 2017-2018. We are in charge of making sure that the association runs smoothly for this year and for introducing new things to enrich the student life at UCR.

How do we do this? Well we oversee the functioning of a variety of committees and teams who organize events in all kind of different fields of interests. From music society to the yearbook team, there is a place for everyone within the RASA Community. And if something is still missing, don’t hesitate to add your own committee to the list!

Moreover, to introduce incoming students to their new homes, we organize an introduction week where a numerous amount of activities ease the prospective RASA Vikings into their new habitats. Of course, all students are welcome at some of these events to fully experience the RASA Spirit.

Finally, any other matters that concern student life at UCR, also falls under our representability. We are there to represent the students in all kinds of matters within the University and in external parties.


Do you still have questions about us, or want to know more about our association? Hit us up!


The Roosevelt’s All Student Association 2017-2018 Board:

  • Jelle Hubertse – Chair
  • Brigitte Bauer – Secretary
  • Ruben van den Akker – Treasurer
  • Cecilia Uitermark – CAO
  • Harold Pijpelink – CAO
  • Hitanshi Shah – CAO